Monday, March 2, 2009

Frost Farm

Robert Frost's house from his "yard." 
   This is the wall from "Mending Wall," Frost's favorite poem.  Kind of exciting.  
This is a picture of the big guy.
A certain slant of light pours into the barn, which is made into a sort of central meeting point and museum lobby, which also displays pictures of group visits and Frost memorabilia.

Robert Frost's home, where he lived for eleven years from 1900 - 1911, is located in Derry, New Hampshire, and is a quaint place to visit.  In addition to the inside tour, complete with furniture from the time period and a well-versed Robert Frost guide, there is also a poetry walk that you can do outside around the grounds.  There is an actual wall, the one that perhaps inspired the poem "Mending Wall," and a path through the woods.  At certain intervals you can see a number placed besides some plants, etc., and in your Frost pamphlet, next to that corresponding number, there is some information about the significance of the location, and also a poem or part of a poem to read when you stop there.  I liked this a lot. 

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