Saturday, May 2, 2009

Herman Melville's Home, Victoria Pichardo

"Wow, it's so tall!"
Side view of tall shiny building that now stands at 6 Pearl
View of Battery Park across the street
Though Herman Melville's home looked nothing like this skyscraper, this is what has replaced his birthplace.
Building is behind us.
Herman Melville, one of the most famous American authors, was born here in New York City. His home was located on 6 Pearl Street in Manhattan. As a young man in search of adventures, Melville shipped out on a boat as a cabin boy. When he returned home he wrote about his adventures. Melville loved the sea and it is appropriate that he lived across the street from the East River. Many of his works were about adventures at sea. Melville wrote a novel which was ignored in his time but is now known as a masterpiece. Moby Dick, a novel about whaling adventures became recognized 30 years after his death.
Visiting Herman Meleville's birth place was a great experience for me. Pearl street is one of the most historical places in Manhattan. Many of the buildings and even the stones on the ground, have been there for many years. Not until I visited the literary site did I realize that Pearl street is a historical site in Manhattan. Especially because Melville the author of
Moby Dick lived there. It's interesting and always fun to learn the historical significance of different areas within walking distance of my home. the area and surroundings are beautiful, especially across the street. If you walk by the East river you can see Staten island, New Jersey, and the Statue of Liberty.

- Victoria Pichardo, 16
PACE High School
100 Hester Street
New York, NY 10002

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