Monday, August 4, 2008

San Diego

In addition to hanging out with Mitch and Yan, two fellow Sweeneyites, I also went to the San Diego Zoo, traversed Balboa Park and relaxed on the Coronado Beach. The wart hogs and Galapagos tortoises were probably my favorite animals at the zoo.

The weekend also ended with brunch at the Hash House, a restaurant that builds a theme around the state of Indiana.  Additionally, their gimmick is super giant impossible to finish portions that are really sort of insane.  Paul's pancake looked like a flying saucer and the plates were like boat size.  Each dish came with a sprig of rosemary and also a slice of yellow watermelon, which I had never seen before.  This should explain what we're eating in the pictures.

P.S.  I'm not sure why the beginning text is underlined.  If you click on it, however, a giant picture of my favorite Galapagos tortoise will appear.  I didn't plan this.  

1 comment:

Sarge said...

The Turtle is amazing.

I am curious about the yellow it good?

I went to this place called Frankie and Johnny's here in New Orleans - which I'm sadly about to leave - it's great here! - I had these fried green pepper rings - oh man.

But I mean - it was really - down home. They had alligator soup!