Thursday, July 31, 2008

Elephant Seals!

Okay, so by far one of the coolest curiosities that we discovered on this trip (in my opinion) was on the California coast in between San Francisco and Los Angeles. I'm going to admit, at first, I was way too freezing and tired to even want to get out of the car. Mark insisted and after I borrowed his sweatshirt, took a deep breath and prepared myself for the biting winds (it's really cold in Northern California and in my consistent denial of this, I was wearing shorts and a tank top), I got out of the car and ran onto the beach. Well, I'm really happy that I ddi because there I saw one of the most amazing things was a whole cluster of elephant seals sleeping on top of each other like a bunch of chubby sardines. They have these ridiculous looking faces and actually make GROWLING noises. I took a video and hopefully you can see it. Though it looks boring in the beginning, the end is soo cute, so you have to watch the whole thing. {ALERT: I cannot upload the video. I don't know WHY right now but sorry you can't see the elephant seal magic yet}. I loved the elephant seals and I'll probably never get to see them again close up like that in their natural environment. SO worth it.


Petey said...

Do those sea lions remind you of a certain black dog from Union Square Park??

Sarge said...

Amazing. I miss that coast - but really - I've always gloried in the chilliness of summer on the coast in northern California - it's one of the greatest things about it - it's not fucking 94 and humid. Or even 80 and humid.

It's so good.

These pictures really made me miss the coast. But here there's storm warnings and intermittent thunderstorms which are beautiful. So that's good too.