Thursday, July 17, 2008

Boise, Idaho

Our experience in Boise was awesome thanks to Paul's friend Mark, who we stayed with and who took us all around to show us a good time.  While we were here we went night hiking to a hot springs (awesome, and I only fell once), went out on the lake to wake board (though I only watched - which was very fun) and took a day trip to Ketchum, Idaho, to visit Ernest Hemingway's last home.  

The people in Idaho are super friendly and generous and everyone loves the outdoors.  People are constantly mountain biking, boat camping, kayaking and going out on the lake.  It seems like a great lifestyle for most people.  We also saw gorgeous scenery and some wildlife (just deer, really, but that was pretty cool).  I'm glad that we got to stay a while here and enjoy the things that Boise and its surrounding area has to offer. 

By the way, the person highlighted in the wake boarding is Mark's friend, Rudy, who is awesome. He took us all out on his amazing boat and I thought he did some pretty nifty things on the water.  Mark and Paul went but the pictures are all on Paul's camera.  When I get them I'll upload some of that too.  

One of the pictures is me eating an Idaho potato, which I thought was significant.  Also, you see Mark in a lot of the pictures, doing a backflip on the beach and hanging out with Paul. Thanks, Mark!

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