Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Taste of Chicago, Lake Michigan Beach and House of Blues

I had an awesome Monday with the gangster and architecture tour, and after wandering down Magnificent Mile, I found myself at Taste of Chicago.  This was really a seriously overindulgent affair for the entire city, but that doesn't mean I'm opposed to it... It was like a street party on a highway, if you can imagine that.  It just kept going and going - in several directions, mind you.  You had to buy tickets and then cash them in for whatever consumable good your hardening arteries desired.  I think you get the idea. 

I then spent the rest of the evening with Gram and Cristina at the beach and then at House of Blues.  I was so psyched to get to this venue after hearing Cristina talk about it for like two years straight.  It was definitely worth it.  Everyone knew Cristina and Gram so it was like VIP access the entire night.  The concert was like Afrovibe and everyone had dreads, etc.  We went up to the "Foundation Room" on a private elevator and that was super cool.  Thanks a lot Cristina and Gram for such an awesome night.  We ended it with a bowling game at 10 pins next door.  I ran into Brandon (forgot his last name) who I studied abroad with at Jon Cabot in Rome during junior year of college.  

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