Monday, July 21, 2008

Literary Seattle

Apparently Seattle is the most literate state in the country, and with the plethora of coffee shops and bookstores, that seems really easy to believe.  The University of Washington campus is also well integrated into the city and its environs, called the U District, is home to a modern art gallery, an arboretum and one of the largest college bookstores in the country.  The U Washington bookstore is also supposedly home to the largest book in the world.

Famous American poet Theodore Roethke, also taught at the University of Washington for his final teaching position.  He also died close to Seattle on Bainbridge Island, just a short ferry ride away.  He was swimming in a friend's pool in 1963 and died of a heart attack.  The pool was since filled with rocks and now serves as a zen rock garden in Bloedel Reserve.  Since Roethke was most inspired by nature, it is fitting that he should be remembered in this way.  He once discussed the way he viewed a greenhouse, stating that it "is my symbol for the whole of life, a womb, a heaven-on-earth."  


Nicolette said...

You're travels are wild. You're covering so much ground, which looks SO fun. Just from your blog, Seattle DOES look awesome but you are literally awesome (LAWESOME)!... So did you get a glimpse of the largest book? I bet its bigger than our old apt :) PS, I've been the lucky recipient of SO many wonderful cards! I dont get any mail at all SO every time i see that familiar martini glass it's like xmass morning! Thank you Thank you Thank you!
PPS, what time is it there?
So things here are pretty much the same...NY is a little drier these days sans the one and only Martini.

The triathlon was great...I killed last year's time by 13 min! Cool huh? I got stung by a jellyfish and passed out at the was sweltering!...funny no? :)

So selfish but can't wait for your return to the motherland! Sometimes I hear a familiar bark and I foolishly turn around in hopes of seeing a black hotdog running towards me with open paws...I bet there's a little dog in a big bed anxiously awaiting your return too!


Nicolette said...

ALSO - this song "Hello Seattle" by Owl City reminds me of you! I think you'd like it!

PS, did you hear about Estelle Getty???