Saturday, July 12, 2008

Kansas Driving: There's No Place Like Dorothy's Home

It seems that The Wizard of Oz has become a bit of a theme on the trip.  We saw Oz Park in Chicago, the movie was actually playing in a small Hannibal, MO theater and, of course, Dorothy is on the mind when driving all the way 'cross Kansas.  Though Paul and I both thought this drive would be horrendous, and the most mundane leg of the trip, it actually was very beautiful.  We saw a windmill farm and stopped in a local saloon full of flavor (The Western Kansas Saloon) that had FREE WIFI, and Christmas decorations (since all the town's decorations were once crafted at this location), so we were really happy.  

Though we didn't find Dorothy or Toto in Kansas, they certainly wanted us to find Jesus.  (See pic above). 


Francisco said...

You might not have found Toto or Dorothy in Kansas, but you sure as heck found a short Mexican by the name of Sisco.... Great to see you!!

Sarge said...

I told you that Kansas was beautiful.

Nobody ever believes me on this one.

I had the best french fries of my life in Topeka.

Petey said...

It's exactly the way I pictured it...sans Miss Gulch.