Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Today was a loong driving day, but there were many highlights that helped us punctuate our run-on mileage. We started out in Portland this morning and hit up the donut place that Let's Go Roadtripping tipped us off to. Voodoo Donuts was definitely eccentric, with a revolving case of - not only donuts - but rubber rats, plastic toys, signs and the like. The donuts were wacky and dressed up with fruit loops, purple sugar, peanut butter, crushed oreos and other stuff I couldn't quite figure out. I bypassed some of the lewdly named donuts, but figured I had to take a chance on the Old Dirty Bastard donut, which was smuthered in chocolate glaze, oreos and peanut butter. This was the start to a very unhealthy day... I'm sort of ashamed...I won't even go into the other items consumed after breakfast.

On a better note, we had gorgeous gorgeous views. We found the "right beach at the right time," as Paul said and saw an unbelievable sunset there. Our resident photographer, Mark, had us pose for these silhouette photos. The dunes and sunset were pretty amazing. It's sooo cold here though. I don't know if we captured the winds aggressively rippling the waves, but it definitely was. Before the sunset stop, we also pulled over to watch sea lions bask in the sun, and take in some more picturesque Oregon scenery.

Tomorrow we continue our drive down the Pacific Coast Highway into California. Hopefully we make it the eight or so hours to Sonoma. This leg of the drive should probably be the most beautiful, so we're pretty excited. Tonight we're staying in Brookings, Oregon, right near the California border. We got a five dollar discount on our hotel when I flashed my AAA card...yes! The hotels are really doing a great job keeping their customers connected with the wireless internet though I have to say.

I'm going to bed now because tomorrow's a big day... I'm actually going to shower... no, no, I've been keeping fairly clean...there is the Pacific Ocean. Hopefully I'll have more pictures tomorrow.

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