Friday, July 11, 2008


Hey guys!

We arrived in Denver last night and stayed in a somewhat sketchy we upgraded to a Grand Hyatt (we pricelined so it wasn't too expensive). The Beat poets used to hang out here and I hit up their favorite bar today: My Brother's Bar and it was really cool. I talked to the owner, got his picture and grabbed some historical info on the bar. I also visited the Tattered Cover, a superb bookstore with character, selection, flava, variety. Denver pictures to come. I also hit up the Molly Brown house and learned a lot about this aristocratic feminist who survived her Titanic journey.

By the way, the drive through Kansas was actually NOT bad at all. I really enjoyed it and got some beautiful pics. Those are coming soon. Yes, feel free to comment. Thanks to those of you who are =). Tomorrow we're off to Boulder, Colorado, which I hear is beautiful. Thanks Amy for the awesome list of stuff to do there =).

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