Friday, July 11, 2008

Hannibal, Home of Mark Twain

If you check out these photos, you'll see that everything in Hannibal is centered around the big guy.  


tvallo said...

I hope that when I am living out of my car driving cross country for 2 months I look as good as you do! Looks like you're having a blast. Love the pics. Is your traveling partner sick of the literary road stops?

By the way, your elective was very popular (i helped tally up who wants what)

Ms. Martini said...

Thanks so much, Tiff. Paul says that he's NOT sick of the literary stops. He says that they've been GREAT, mainly because he doesn't go to them. That's the time that he hits up the gym and gets some "good workouts" in so that's good.

I hope that your summer work schedule is good and that you have lots of wedding updates when I get back.

Thanks for the comments =).