Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cristina's Wedding

Okay.  So now my time waiting at the airport has been extended by five hours, making the wait NINE hours in total.  Of course I could have taken a bus to Columbus in under nine hours so this hour flight seems ridiculous.  I'm also hoping that my luggage is actually there when I get there since they said they were going to send it on an earlier flight.  Anyway, let's look at the positive side:  more blogging. 

So in addition to the literary sites that I was able to visit in Chicago, it was also absolutely awesome to see so many old friends from Notre Dame and New York while I was here.  Cristina, who I taught with at Irving, got married at Garfield Park Conservatory and the wedding was absolutely beautiful.  It had a Mexican theme, complete with mariachi band, a make your own fajita bar (with authentic ingredients) and sugar skulls from the Dia de los muertos were the centerpieces on the table.  

I learned how to do Mexican dancing (think:  La cucuracha:  pretend you're stepping on the cockroaches) and also heard Cristina's mom sing to her in Spanish.  

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