Sunday, June 15, 2008

"I Am Wholly Innocent," Witch Trials Memorial, Salem, MA

Again, it was exciting to just stumble up on the Witch Trials Memorial.  This year I printed out images of it for my students to look at and discuss, so it was cool to find the memorial when I wasn't looking for it.  Here, the names of all the victims of The Salem Witch Trials are engraved onto stones where visitors can look at them and remember the struggles of these innocent members of the community.  Since Arthur Miller used the real names of teh Salem Witch Trial, victims in his play, The Crucible,  it does feel like I know these people intimately, even if I'm only familiar with their fictional namesake.  

In one picture posted, I am looking sullen and sitting next to John Proctor's name. 

I look forward to showing my students these pictures next year in order to make the reality of what happened in Salem vivid for them.  

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